VR Project Part 2 - First Person IK

Summer is always a difficult time to get things finished. There is gardening to be done, barbeques to be enjoyed, not to mention summer holidays with sea, sun, and well, doing nothing. But work must happen at some stage, even if it is just creating a VR app to do some gardening simulations (Just kidding).

This week we are adding to our VR Patreon Project with some Inverse Kinetics for hand controls. This will allow the player to move about with the thumbstick (we will add teleport in the future), while the characters hands are following the VFR controllers. We are adding this to the Game Creator player character, and only for the first person camera at the moment. Two examples have been created, one with Final IK from Rootmotion, and another with a basic IK script for those who do not have the Final IK  asset.

This is an actual screen shot from Quest2.
Part 3 will be for 3rd person games and the GC Adventure camera, and in Part 4 we will add some objects like swords or steering wheels (yes, I know, not really similar), and some rigid body objects to move about.

All in all, this will get everyone started on their VR projects while they are waiting for me to finished the VR Module for the Unity Asset Store. Good stuff.
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