This week has been a difficult one, as I am sure we have all experienced . You get that dreaded email from apple stating that your passwords have been compromised. They don't tell you how they know this, they don't admit to being hacked, but they strongly recommend that you change all your passwords that you have stored on your Mac. And that is a big job.

But all was not lost. We also managed to resurrect the Turn Based Manager that we have been working on for Game Creator. Compiled it, and put it online as a playable demo, although much of it still doesn't work, specifically the settings screen, but that will come in time and will encourage further development of this product.

This is an actual screen shot from Melee.
Initially this was to be a Game Creator only module, but now looking at what needs to be done to finished it, compiling it as a Turn Based Manager for Unity with Game Creator integration as an option, appears to be the better solution. That will produce two markets, those who use GC and require Actions to utilise the component, and those who just use Unity without GC.

Hence the challenge this month (OMG, it is August already) is to further the Turn Based System, as well as add full body IK to out VR project (which we need for an external project as well). I am not sure when I will get time to sleep, but they tell me that sleep is overrated anyway.

Above is the link to the playable demo, remember the settings screen has not been implemented, but have a play and see what we are working on. Press the 1, 2, or 3 keys if you need more bad guys and want to die faster.

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