After a successful build of our playable VR driving simulator, I spent the week rebuilding the Mac Pro that Apple killed for us earlier this month with an unsolicited software update. Now I know my aging Mac Pro is 8 years old, and according to Tim Cook it should be on the scrap heap. In fact according to him, I should have upgraded hardware at least twice in the last 8 years if not three times.

However, being rather fond of this old beast, I decided to install Windows 10 native and see what it would do. It was a success and the machine still has a few more years of use it in. In fact, the PC that I replaced it with, is a state of the art Ryzen 9 with all the latest bells and whistles, fully spec'ed, including a sizable price tag. On a benchmark performance test, it is in the 99 percentile (top of the list), which for the price it really should be.

This is an actual screen shot from the Quest 2, Melee.
But here is the kicker. My aging (should be on the trash heap according to Tim Cook) Mac Pro with Windows 10 installed, scores in the 84 percentile for performance. For GPU/RAM/Disk it scores the same as the Ryzen 9. So one has to ask why I should retire it because it wont run Apples latest OS, (yes I know, rhetorical question - it is because of Apples business model).

But moving on from all that, we have started out VR Project on Patreon, and this project will eventually form the basis of the VR Module code which will be published on the Unity Asset store. Part 1 documents the setup and how to move both the Game Creator player and camera motors while in VR, and part 2 which will be next month, will focus on the trigger and grip controls of the VR system. This will also include some new GC triggers and actions for Game Creator, and we will show how to integrate these with the traversal and melee modules.

Talking of the Melee module, be sure to check out the video on our up coming playable demo for this.
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