Hello all. It has been a troublesome couple of weeks. After my precious Mac Pro was corrupted with a forced update from Apple a month or two ago, I went back to the dark side. I purchased a new PC and switched all my development work back to Windows and kept an iMac as my business machine for documents , movie editing, etc.

Sadly last week, Apple forced another update on me (and yes I have automatic updates turn OFF) and fried the iMac's boot drive.

Being an iMac, you cannot pull it apart without special tools. It is toast. Luckily my backup system was up to date, and nothing was lost....well nothing is lost yet!

You see, my Mac Pro is old. But like me, it can out perform most in the field. It is fully kitted and runs a Unity build almost as fast as my brand new Ryzen 9 Windows PC, and the Mac Pro is 8 years old. But Mr. Apple has a planned obsolescence policy whereby anything over 3 years old is trash. Throw it away because we want to sell you a new one. I should have known this by the stack of old iPhones I have on my shelf.

This is an actual screen shot from the Quest 2, flying a space fighter in WebXR.
They enforce this policy by not allowing new software to run on old machines. My Mac Pro is now 2 versions behind in operating systems, and all the other Mac apps are old versions. Hence, things like documents, photos, movie projects from the now dead iMac, are not compatible with my (should be in the trash) beloved Mac Pro.

Where as my brand new state of the art Windows machine will run old 32 bit programs, is backward and forward compatible with all data, and I have the freedom to do what ever I want on it, change whatever settings I want, pull it apart and replace whatever I want, Apple is an entirely different story. You cannot do anything Tim Cook doesnt want you to. No 32 but programs, no old software or data, and you cannot even mess with the screen setting if you need to.

Sadly I still need a Mac system of some type, I build for iOS and for this you need xCode. Of course, xCode only runs on a Mac. Not only that is annoying, but when I copy my Unity iOS build output to the Mac, it automagically corrupts the Map File Parser and I have to manually amend this for it to import. Whether or not it does this deliberately I do not know, but I cannot find a reason for it happening. It is not easy.

So it has not been a productive week and I still do not have all my files from the backup system. Hence, the only thing I can say is, "Thanks Tim Cook, Steve Jobs would hate you!" I know I do.
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