We are back in lockdown again and can only go out for basic needs. I suppose this gives me more time to work, but sometimes you just need to be outside. So what is the next best thing? Virtual Reality.

I am hosting an Online Course for Academics this week, and the topic is VR using Game Creator 1. Hence it was all hands to the pump, and get the VR Module code in a usable and acceptable state for non-technical people. When I am adding new features, my code tends to get messy and some of the new features break the existing ones.

But all is good and all is ready for the course. I usually build and run each time I make changes, and this means the headset is on, the headset is off, repeat as necessary. It gets tedious, not to mention the motion sickness and stretched hand strap.

This is an actual screen shot from Quest2.
I will only use the Oculus Air Link to test directly in the Editor when I am chasing bugs. I have found that the Air Link is temperamental, drops frequently, and this gets annoying and unproductive - but in their defence, it is still in beta.

I created a hands only model, made hand gestures, added haptics (vibrations), teleports, pointers, grabs, and more. It all works great and I will use a simple low poly nature scene for my class. But as Sci-fi is my thing, I cannot wait to explore some cool space stations and off world colonies. But that will need to wait for another day.
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