The best laid plans do not always go as you would like them to, especially when someone throws you a curve ball. Early in December, we are hosting an online course demonstrating the use of our VR software for Game Creator. We wanted to add a few extra features and clean up the interface, making it more user friendly. Up until now, our VR code has only been used by our Patreon subscribers, most of them being game developers, but our online course is targeted towards Academics and Industry Professionals who are not as technically astute.

So this was the plan, but in my culture we would say, "Yeah right!"

Unfortunately, one of Game Creators disgruntled users (yes, even the best products have unhappy customers), decided to complain to Unity that the GC Player Character was the same as Mixamo's (now Adobe) Y-Bot, and this was not allowed. In Game Creator's defence, while Mixamo wrote the rules, no copyright was infringed.  However, with Adobe's army of Lawyers that could have a different opinion, Unity was not willing to go there.

Hence, to cut a long story short, the GC Player Character has now been changed to the Unity created Robot. As with most models, the geometry is different and to ensure all of our GC targeted assets work with the new character, I spent quite some days doing updates. And of course my planned VR work went on hold.

On the more positive side, we did get the Expansion Pack for Game Creator 2 finished, and  instead of the usual screenshots using the Game Creator characters, we decided to  create our own player model to be used in promotion materials. This model will not be shipped with the asset, but does make the marketing more exciting and tells a story while conveying information. And of course, no copyright infringements can be found.

This is an actual screen shot from Quest2.
I guess the the golden rule still stands. If it you didn't create it, it isn't yours, and if it isn't yours, you cannot use it. It still astounds me when a student uses a graphic they got from the internet, and when we tell them that this is not good, they say, "but the web site said it was free". Yes, but was it the website's graphic in the first place or did they "take" it from some place else.

In closing, I will leave you with a graphic from out new asset. We created the images, but not some of the original models. Hence, Models NOT included in this asset.
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