Everyone needs to take some time out to do something different here and there, otherwise work would get tedious and boring, and then we will no longer be creative and productivity will suffer.

This week for my time out, I decided to play with some if the experimental features of the Oculus Quest, and the one I enjoyed using was the new Passthrough feature. Passthrough is a feature that allows you to step outside your view in VR to see a real-time view of your surroundings. The Headset does this by using the headset tracking cameras. These cameras are IR cameras and their focus is on tracking IR lights. This means they are not colour cameras, and the image is not very sharp, something we have become accustom to with modern Mobile phones.

However, with some processing features provided in the Oculus SDK, we can make the image more acceptable by adding a colour outline and changing the contrast. We can place objects and characters inside the world space, and interact with them the same way that we would in any VR app. The difference is, the objects appear to be in the same room or space that you currently are.

This is an actual screen shot from Quest2.
This feature is very much in its early stages and requires some fiddling with your Quest setup. But the results are interesting and fun to see, and they spawn endless ideas of what we can do with this feature in the future. Check out the video of what I created in my office, using our VR code and Game Creator from Catsoft Works.

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