This is part 3 to our VR project and it is developing nicely. Today we added support for 3rd person using Game Creator's Adventure Camera. We compiled two versions, one using Final IK from Rootmotion, and one without, both work very similar and work well.

This project still has a way to go before it can be published as an Asset on the Unity Asset store, but when we do, it will support both versions of Game Creator (1 & 2) and also be able to be utilised without the GC product.

This is an actual screen shot from Quest2.
I must say that I am enjoying working with VR, but the constant effort of putting the headset on and taking the headset off every 5 minutes is getting tiresome - not to mention the motion sickness when I make a camera adjustment that just doesn't work.  I may need to build myself a dummy that can wear the headset and allow me to stream the view to my desktop screen, as the quest I am testing with, doesn't activate unless it is on the head. But that is a project for another day.

As always, our source code is published on out Patreon Site and we are available for support on Discord.


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