Updates, Changes, and Other Snippets

The coming weeks will be busy ones. Game Creator version 2 has been announced for release (in beta) for September 10th. As it is an entirely new product and rewritten from the ground up, none of my current Game Creator Assets will work with it and will need updates.

Although this provides a good opportunity to build some new stuff, which I will, there will be the inevitable damage control to be done for those who recently purchased GC 1 assets and now assume that they wasted their money. But the truth is that GC 1 will be around for at least a couple of years and I will be supporting my current GC1 assets while it is. GC 2 will be in beta for some time, and the associated modules like Dialogues and Melee Modules will be a way off yet.

This is an actual screen shot from Quest2.
However, for our future assets and for Game Creator version 2 (or whatever it will be called), our current thinking is to build Unity Assets with GC integration.  For example, our upcoming VR product will work with Unity only, with Final IK, with WebXR, and with Game Creator 1 and 2 versions. This will be a standalone product that you can use with or without any other assets you own. We will also do the same for our new Turn Based system, and we will be dividing up the content from Tools, UI, and Mobile, to make new standalone products with GC integration.

The only assets where this will not apply will be the Game Creator Action Packs. Some of the features included in these current assets will be part of the GC2 core, like moving platforms, enhanced audio, and advanced transform control of game objects. This means we will rewrite all Action Packs for GC2, only include what is not in the GC2 core, add many enhancements, and bundle them all together in a GC only asset, and only for GC2.

And this is only the work we have to do for the Asset store. We have all of our Online courses to update, and there are 3 external projects being worked on, including an RPG game for which we will look towards crowd-funding for support. All of this and keeping our Patreon site up to date with lots of goodies means that the coming months will be busy ones. Very busy indeed.
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