Under Development by Pivec Labs

Based on our Mobile Game "Slash or Burn", we have created a multiplayer online game using SmartFox Server software. This demo, built with Game Creator 1 and Melee 1, include a character selection screen, multiple NPCs, and random spawn positions at start, and when you die....and you will die.

Smartfox server was created for commercial multiplayer games, it is highly optimized, and it provides for the creation of real-time multiplayer games, MMOs, virtual communities and much more.

SmartFox has been created by gotoAndPlay() is the Italian company. However, we have developed addons for Unity, GC1, GC2, and other game creation tools. These assets will be available on the Unity Asset store in due time. However, you can also check out our WebGL Playable Demos here, when they are available.

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